Helicopter Fleet

Helicopter Fleet

BK 117 850 D2

We are proud to be one of the first BK 117 850 D2 operators in Africa! The 850 is a BK117 B2 upgraded from 750 HP turbines to 850HP, making this a true Class1 Performance, Category A Compliance helicopter up to 10 000ft! The BK 117 850 D2 can carry up to ten passengers in safety and comfort at a 35% faster speed while burning almost 25% less fuel. With a cruse speed of 135kts. We currently have 2 of these in our fleet, with another one on the way shortly. This upgrade gives the BK117 a new life cycle, as it is the best Dollar per Horsepower helicopter on the market. It is an exceptional air ambulance helicopter, and with all that power, we can do aerial crane, and seismic survey work.

Airbus – AS 350 B3

This series of light single turbine helicopters delivers the fastest and quietest ride for the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. It is a true work horse, with seating for 1 pilot and 5 passengers, or the ability to lift 1,250kg externally on its cargo hook, and with a MAUW of 2250kg. This series is also the only single helicopter that has landed successfully on Mount Everest.

MD 500 E

MD500 E is our latest addition to our ever expanding fleet. Super agile and fast little 4 seater helicopter, she is perfect to get to that important meeting ontime, or for that sunset scenic flight around the city. Helicopter can accommodate : 1 Pilot and 3 passengers.

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